Our Strategy

Achieving 100% accuracy of our “PANEl  QUESTIONS” (over 10000 stock questions)
  • Builds up confidence
  • Keeps you in competition
Developing analytical and reasoning sharpness to answer uncommon/difficult/tricky questions
  • Gives strength to tackle any question
  • Ensures you the most desired edge
Enriching more than 2000 titbits
  • Saves plenty of time in final hours
  • Minimizes your tedious effort

(1)Flexible schedule of classes designed in such a manner that existing classes of students will not be hampered.

(2)Keeping in mind  the 10+2 Board examinations schedule, maximum online classes will be concluded within 30.04.2021.

(3) 3rd Mock test will be conducted around a fortnight before the 10+2 Board examinations.

(4)Repeater’s ‘Booster Session’ will be arranged after 3rd Mock test when freshers will be busy to complete their 10+2 Board examinations.

(5) Final Mock test will be battled 7-10 days before the respective competitive examinations.